Innovative energy storage systems

Wind energy can be much more than “only” clean electrical energy. For a successful transition to 100% renewable energy, it is crucial to connect other energy sectors to renewables, too.

The aim is to connect wind energy with all different energy infrastructures (electrical energy grid, gas grid, filling stations). To reach this goal, WIND-projekt is developing statewide strategies as well as integrated energy concepts for communes.

Strategies & Concepts

  • Development of innovative energy storage systems based on “renewable hydrogen” – RH2
  • Non-Carbon strategies
  • Power-To-Gas technology
  • Development of CO2-free reconversion systems for hydrogen
  • Development of statewide strategies (e.g. „Local Intelligent Net Knots“ – LINKs)
  • Linking of energy infrastructure cycles (electrical energy, heat, mobility)
  • Development of systemically relevant services based on RH2
  • Development of sustainable energy concepts for communes
  • Cooperation with institutions and companies in the EU
  • Use of hydrogen based cars and other vehicles
  • Increase of energy efficiency
  • Cooperation with technical colleges and universities in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Successfully realized innovation projects

Projekt RH2-WKA
With the operation of the Wind-Hydrogen-Storage facility in Grapzow, near Neubrandenburg, WIND-projekt was able to make first experiences in energy storage based on hydrogen on an industrial scale. Since 2013, WIND-projekt operates this energy storage facility based on hydrogen and constantly develops this technology and its applications further.
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Projekt Wasserstoffmobilität
WIND-projekt uses wind energy in the area of hydrogen mobility , to integrate renewable energy into the mobility sector. As a first vehicle for hydrogen mobility, WIND-project integrated a Hyundai ix 35 Fuel Cell into its corporate fleet in April 2015.
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