Maintenance and operation

Modern wind turbines need comprehensive support to ensure a successful operation. WIND-projekt has more than 20 years of experience in the maintenance and operation (M&O) of wind turbines.

M&O for us means guaranteeing the optimal operation within a consistently changing technological and regulatory framework of conditions. In times of mandatory direct marketing for wind energy and feed-in management, we offer wind turbine owners a comprehensive reporting as well as perfectly coordinated technical and commercial management.

Overview of our services

  • 24/7 Online-supervision of the wind turbines
  • Coordination of Full-Service-O&M-concepts
  • Regular on-site inspections and review of the wind turbines, converter stations and infrastructure
  • Ongoing optimization of the operation schemes by the evaluation of yield data and all relevant operation parameters
  • Coordination of maintenance and repair works
  • Processing and coordination of all commercial processes
  • Support in the case of insured losses
  • Compliance of permit requirements and technical rules
  • Comprehensive reporting for wind turbine owner
  • Implementation of direct marketing and feed-in-management

After the successful commissioning of small as well as more complex wind farms the continuous supervision, analysis and optimization of the operation conditions is crucial. Our technical management takes care of these services. he technical management acts cross-vendor and can access all wind turbines and the operation parameters server based at every time. Primary goal is to minimize and at best to fully avoid technical downtime of the wind turbines.

Commercial management is a crucial factor for the successful operation of wind turbines. It takes care of all aspects of financing, billing, direct marketing and controlling – for single wind turbines as well as for community wind farms and institutional wind farm owner.

Furthermore, the commercial management aims not only to ensure a smooth and trouble-free operation, but also seeks to optimize cost structures and marketing of the generated energy. The increasing requirements on the operation of wind turbines and the changes in the energy markets offer new opportunities for wind turbines.