Reference Projects

So far, WIND-projekt has planned about 450 WEA with a total capacity of about 1.500 Megawatt. About 200 of these turbines are „onshore“. About 100 of these wind turbines are „offshore“ with a total capacity of about 730 Megawatt.

With these experiences WIND-projekt faces the upcoming challenges to continue to offer individualized energy solutions, following the principle „from here for us in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern“.

Reference table

NameCountYearPlant typeMW total
WP Börgerende31994AN Bonus1,350
WP Hohen Niendorf51995AN Bonus2,850
WP Ziesendorf11996Vestas0,225
WP Klatzow21997Enercon E-401,000
WP Meßfeld Admannshagen / Bargeshagen51997Tacke TW 600-e / AN Bonus /Enercon E-40 / Vestas V44 / Nordtank NTK6002,900
WP Demmin41997AN Bonus2,400
WP Boldenshagen61998Nordex N546,000
WP Elmenhorst21998AN Bonus0,900
WP Daskow11999AN Bonus1,000
WP Kluis-Silenz101999AN Bonus6,000
WP Ravensberg121999AN Bonus15,600
WP Grimmen61999AN Bonus7,800
WP Kalkhorst I22000Enercon E-441,200
WP Rakow42000Vestas V666,400
WP Samswegen42000AN Bonus4,000
WP Buschmühlen I42000Nordex N62 / Nordex N504,700
WP Daskow52000AN Bonus5,000
WP Klatzow II22001Enercon E-441,200
WP Neu Guthendorf62001Vestas V8012,000
WP Kuhlrade102001Vestas V8020,000
WP Karlsburg62001Repower MD709,000
WP Buschmühlen I12001Nordex N802,500
WP Jürgenshagen82002AN Bonus11,800
WP Wildau-Wentdorf72002NEG Micon10,500
WP Görike / Söllenthin52003Repower MD707,500
WP Klatzow II12003Enercon E-440,600
WP Altentreptow32003Vestas V806,000
WP Hoppenrade52003Nordex N9011,500
WP Löwitz22004Nordex S773,000
WP Grapzow12004Vestas V802,000
WP Kalkhorst II32004Nordex S774,500
WEA Reutershof12004Enercon E-581,000
WP Poppendorf22005AN Bonus4,600
WP Kloster Wulfshagen82005Enercon E-7016,000
WEA Breitling12006Nordex N902,500
WEA Borg12007Enercon E-702,000
WP Poppendorf II22007Siemens SWT 3.67,200
WP Kloster Wulfshagen II22009Enercon E-704,600
WP Buschmühlen II22010Nordex N773,000
WP Bernstorf22010Kenersys K82 / Kenersys K1004,500
WP Panzow32010Nordex N82 / Nordex N1006,500
WEA Upahl12010Enercon E-822,000
WP Altentreptow II22010Enercon E-82 / Enercon E-532,800
WP Baltic I212011Siemens SWT 2.348,300
WP Werder / Kessin92011Enercon E-126 / Enercon E-8241,500
WP Neubukow12012Enercon E-1267,500
WP Bernstorf12012Kenersys K1102,400
WEA Hohen Luckow12012Nordex N1172,400
WP Werder / Kessin112012Enercon E-126 / Enercon E-8240,900
WP Neubukow12013Enercon E-702,300
WP Werder / Kessin72013Enercon E-12652,500
WP Bernstorf12014Kenersys K1202,300
WP Werder / Kessin32014Enercon E-92 / Enercon E-1017,750
WEA GVZ Rostock12014Nordex N1172,400
WP Baltic II802015Siemens SWT 3.6288,000
WP Werder / Kessin22015Enercon E-101 / Enercon E-925,400
WP Admannshagen-Bargeshagen12016Enercon E-1153,050
WP Admannshagen-Bargeshagen12017Enercon E-1153,050
WEA Panzow12017Enercon E-70 E42,300
WP Dummerstorf/ Prisannewitz22018Nordex N1317,500
WP Papenhagen Ost32018Siemens SWT-3.2-1139,600
WP Hof Tatschow22018Siemens SWT-3.15-142 / Siemens SWT-3.3-1426,450
WP Neu Guthendorf62018Vestas V11719,800
WP Carinerland-West12019Nordex N1334,800
WP Ravensberg/Krempin42019Enercon E-829,400
WP Ravensberg/Krempin42020Enercon E-829,400
WP Papenhagen Ost32020Siemens SWT-3.2-1139,600

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