We face the future


The developments of recent years and decades show a clear trend: the demand for energy for electricity, heat, mobility and industry is increasing significantly. Almost 70 % of all greenhouse gas emissions are caused by energy demand alone. Without a sustainable expansion of renewable energies and a holistic green energy supply in the areas of electricity, heat and mobility, these negative developments cannot be stopped. For this to succeed, an ambitious expansion of renewable energies in the country is essential. We at WIND-projekt are taking on this challenge with drive and enthusiasm and contribute to a green future.

We stand for

Integrating new dimensions into our projects
Dynamics and synergies in the energy transition
Sustainability based on renewable energies
Impulses for a cross-sectoral energy supply
Commitment for the region

Working together for the energy transition


We develop a broad spectrum of projects for the region. Together with citizens and municipalities, businesses, operating companies, public utilities and energy suppliers, banks, insurance companies and research partners, we are committed to the energy transition in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. To this end, we integrate renewable energy systems, storage systems and innovative technologies and processes into our projects. Individual strategies and solutions ensure a sustainable energy supply and the acceptance of renewable energies.

We support the energy transition - with regional partners and projects for the local people.

We are your partner for

project planning and operational management of wind turbines

Project planning and operational management of wind turbines

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Project planning and operational management of roof-mounted and freestanding photovoltaic systems

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Energy consulting on sustainable and efficient energy supply for your projects

Energy consulting on sustainable and efficient energy supply for your projects

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Innovation and demonstration projects for the energy supply of the future

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Research projects for the efficient and environmentally compatible use of renewable energies

Development of sustainable energy systems for green communities and commercial districts

Did you know?

A survey commissioned by the Agency for Renewable Energies in Germany reveals that 83 % of those surveyed want to adopt this approach and consider greater use and expansion of renewable energies to be important or very important (as of 11/21). This is also reflected in the growing share of renewable energies in German public electricity generation. While in 2016 it was still 33.2 %, in 2020 the share rose to over 50 % (Fraunhofer ISE). This means that more than 220 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents were avoided in the areas of electricity, heating and mobility (Federal Environment Agency).