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Together towards a sustainable energy supply


Sustainability in energy supply is based on two decisive pillars: the targeted use of renewable energies and the exploitation of energy-saving potential - in existing structures and in future projects. Together, we achieve the successful combination of these two pillars and thus reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions as well as energy expenditure for your existing or planned building, city quarter or site.

We support
local renewable energies.

The starting point is the examination of possibilities for the generation and use of renewable energies close to the building or quarter, as well as the identification of potential savings in existing facilities and structures. Through the use of modern plants, the combination of supply systems and the integration of energy storage technologies, we create synergies between the electricity, heat and mobility sectors while ensuring security and flexibility for your energy supply. Thanks to intelligent applications and ongoing optimisations, the energy efficiency of your project is provided in the long term.

Our motivation: Sustainable energy solutions

With demand-oriented concepts and the integration of modern technologies and software solutions, we pave the way to a sustainable future for your project.

We bring your project forward in terms of energy. Together we develop the right energy solution for you.

We focus on energy efficiency


We support you from identifying demands to developing an individual roadmap for your project. Whether existing energy structures or new projects: we accompany municipalities, companies and organisations on their way to a green energy supply. In doing so, we focus above all on a holistic approach from the generation to the use of green energy on site. The electricity, heat and mobility sectors are considered as a single unit so that energy can be used efficiently and greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided.

We support your energy project from planning to implementation


  • Evaluating the current state of existing structures
  • Determining energy demands and energy requirements for the overall project
  • Identifying potential savings in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Developing a coordinated energy supply concept and roadmap for the electricity, heat and mobility sectors based on renewable energies and energy storage systems
    Digitising and optimising processes
  • Communication of goals and steps of the overall project