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The power of the sun

Solar energy as a pillar of the energy transition

The sun stands for all life and growth on our earth. We owe large amounts of energy to its rays, as well as other energy sources such as wind or hydropower. In the lifetime of man, the energy of the sun is considered inexhaustible. It is available to us all year round even when the sun's rays are low. With the help of solar cells, solar energy is converted into electricity and made directly usable for us. Thanks to their versatility, photovoltaic systems can be used in various areas.

The combination of solar and wind energy favours a more steady energy supply based on renewable energies. Due to the oppositely favourable weather conditions of both forms of energy, fluctuations over the course of the year can be balanced out. At the German and European level, this minimises power failures in the electricity supply. This is why, in addition to wind energy, we advocate an environmentally compatible expansion of solar energy. In this way, we support the stabilisation of the energy supply in the country.

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With WIND-projekt into the future of solar energy

These are our services

Sustainable planning & construction management of roof-mounted and freestanding photovoltaic systems

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Planning and evaluation of plant combinations of wind, solar and storage systems

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Management of photovoltaic systems

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Our motivation: The great potential of solar energy

We have been integrating the potential of solar energy into our projects for more than 10 years. WIND-projekt combines the advantages of different energy sources and existing infrastructures for a stable expansion of the regional energy supply. To this end, we are currently planning and implementing a wide range of projects with a total capacity of over 200 MW.