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There are many ways to use solar energy efficiently. We support municipalities, companies and public utilities in finding and implementing customised solutions for a sustainable energy supply. We plan, realise and operate solar plants for electricity distribution as well as for on-site self-supply. The distinctive features of each individual project inspire us anew every day. We realise solar systems on roofs and conventional freestanding areas as well as innovative concepts for the use of water surfaces or for the dual use of agricultural and car park areas. Thanks to our extensive experience in project planning and operational management of a wide variety of plant systems, we ensure the optimal operation of your photovoltaic plant.

For a sustainable development of solar energy

Our services

Sustainable planning & construction management of roof-mounted and freestanding photovoltaic systems

Sustainable planning & construction management of roof-mounted and freestanding photovoltaic systems

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Planning and evaluation of plant combinations of wind, solar and storage systems

Planning and evaluation of plant combinations of wind, solar and storage systems

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Management of photovoltaic systems

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Sustainable planning & construction management

For sustainable solar plant planning, we examine potential sites for solar plants with regard to their compatibility as well as nature conservation and environmental regulations. In close consultation with property owners, municipalities and regional partners, we develop plant layouts for roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems.

We accompany the entire land use planning process and manage the approval procedure from the submission of the application to successful approval. The construction of the photovoltaic plants including the necessary infrastructure as well as the implementation of compensation measures is supervised by WIND-projekt. We also coordinate the final inspection and commissioning of the realised plant.

Planning and evaluation of plant combinations

WIND-projekt stands for a holistic energy supply. We therefore combine wind, solar and storage technologies in a single project. To this end, we examine the technological and regulatory framework conditions and identify potentials and locations for suitable plant combinations. We manage the entire planning and approval process, coordinate the construction and monitor the proper operation of all system components. In addition, we enable comprehensive testing of the entire system and the problem-free interaction of plants, infrastructure and control processes.

Technical management

We monitor solar plants over their entire utilisation period (20+ years). Our technical management team ensures 24/7 online monitoring of the solar parks and offers a comprehensive maintenance concept for the systems and the corresponding infrastructure. In the event of a malfunction, we coordinate external service assignments and, if necessary, assist in the settlement of claims.

The environmentally compatible operation of the photovoltaic plants is ensured by the proper implementation of regulatory requirements and reporting obligations. We prepare detailed analyses and reports for the operators of the plants and accompany the preparation of shareholders' meetings with figures and analysis results.

With our partners, we cover these additional services:


  • Financing new projects and ongoing optimisation as well as securing follow-up financing
  • Identifying suitable solutions for electricity distribution
  • Participating in calls for tenders for solar plants as well innovations
  • Closing electricity supply contracts
  • Settling electricity revenues, "Redispatch 2.0" assignments, land leases, etc.
  • Comprehensive liquidity and cost controlling
  • Reporting to banks and investors