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Let‘s seize the opportunities of wind energy


Man recognised the power of the wind early on and made use of it. Whether for moving on water or in the air, for driving mills for grinding grain or for lifting water from the depths - wind energy has always been a vital source of energy and a symbol of change and progress. Thanks to technological innovations, the energy of the wind can now be used much more efficiently and in a more targeted manner. Modern wind turbines start providing energy in the form of electricity even at low wind speeds. It is impossible to imagine today's electricity supply without wind energy. Wind energy is an important driver of the energy transition.

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With WIND-projekt into the future of wind energy

Our services

Blade assembly at the wind turbine WEA1 in Santow

Sustainable planning & construction management of wind turbines

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Dismantling & transport of old wind turbines at the Neu Guthendorf wind farm

Repowering of old wind turbines with modern, high-performance wind turbines

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Employees of the Operational Management on the nacelle at the Neu Guthendorf wind farm

Manufacturer-independent management of wind turbines

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Our motivation: Advancements in wind energy

With exciting projects, we are looking confidently towards a greener future. Over the past three decades, WIND-projekt has planned more than 500 onshore and offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of over 1,600 MW. With our team, we currently manage around 150 wind turbines with a capacity of 400 MW.

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