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We shape the future - with local green energy

Innovations for the energy transition

We address the challenges of tomorrow today. True to our mission statement "We give the energy transition a boost", we initiate and shape energy and future-oriented projects for a successful energy transition. We create networks of initiators and doers. Together we concentrate on our strengths and venture the step towards a greener future. For this, we combine wind and solar energy with new technologies and sectors, as renewable energies are so much more than just electricity generation. By combining generation, storage and supply units, we exploit the potential of renewable energies in pioneering innovation and pilot projects.

Renewable energies are the key to tomorrow's energy supply.

Innovation and pilot projects


With the founding of WIND-projekt in 1994 and the realisation of our first wind turbines at the Börgerende wind farm, we set standards for a green future in the region. Since then, we have been able to successfully complete numerous projects in which we are actively shaping the future as a project developer or as a research partner.

View of the energy storage facility building in Grapzow with wind farm in the background

Pilot projects

Roadmaps for the future

We don't see the obstacles, we see opportunities. Opportunities for an efficient and at the same time sustainable expansion of renewable energies. To this end, we dare to try something new and pave the way for technologies, plant combinations and more. We demonstrate the feasibility of our ideas in small and large projects.

Integrated energy projects

Combined energy for the region

The availability of green energy in form of electricity is only one component of a sustainable energy supply. A holistic system requires the integration of storage technologies, control units and supply structures. The sectors of heat, mobility and economy are an essential part of the system. We show how this is done with our combined cycle power plants.

Green hydrogen

The energy source of the future

The versatility of green hydrogen makes it an important component of the energy transition. Whether for the provision of electricity, alternative fuels or the long-term storage of CO2-free energy - green hydrogen offers extraordinary potential. As a pioneer of the hydrogen economy in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, WIND-projekt recognised this potential early on.

Research cooperations

Always stay curious

We strive for new insights and impulses. For with them we can increase the efficiency and safety of the energy supply. With strong partners, we work on exciting research projects and solutions from wind profiles to wildlife protection. As a reliable research partner, WIND-projekt participates in pioneering projects.

LiDAR measuring device on the nacelle of a wind turbine at the Hof Tatschow wind farm