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We actively shape the energy transition

From the first days to the present day: we look back with pride on projects large and small, on sustainable partnerships and on defining solutions for the energy transition. With each project, we strengthen the expansion of renewable energies and set an example on the path to a sustainable future. Each of these projects is an expression of the successful cooperation between the entire WIND-projekt team and our partners. The portfolio of WIND-projekt ranges from high-performance renewable energy plants to pilot projects for innovative energy solutions and projects for a holistic sector coupling. We live innovation and progress while paying attention to current developments. This is how we face the challenges and potentials of the energy transition for individual energy solutions for the region. True to the mission "We give the energy transition a boost".

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Our key milestones


Wind farm Börgerende

It all began with our first three wind turbines in 1994, and we have been relentlessly pursuing our vision ever since.

Germany's first offshore wind turbine in the Breitling off Rostock

Wind turbine Breitling

Germany's first offshore wind turbine has been in operation in the sea area off Rostock harbour since 2006.

Energy storage plant in Grapzow

Three electrolysers ensure the CO2-free production of green hydrogen with electricity from the neighbouring wind farm.

Innovation project "RH2-WKA"

With the wind-hydrogen system, we are testing the on-demand provision of green energy.

Research wind farm Hof Tatschow

For the advancement of wind energy, we collect valuable knowledge on new technologies and methods.

Offshore windfarm Baltic 2 with sunset

Offshore Windparks Baltic I & II

101 offshore wind turbines off the German Baltic coast represent a new chapter in wind energy.

Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania's highest wind turbine in the windfarm Santow

The highest wind turbine in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

With its total height of almost 240 m, the wind turbine at the Santow wind farm sets a new height record in the region.

Ravensberg-Krempin community wind farm

In the municipality of Carinerland, citizens are taking the opportunity to actively participate in the development of wind energy.

Repowering at the Neu Guthendorf wind farm

After almost 20 years, we replaced the old wind turbines with more powerful models for more green energy.