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We integrate new dimensions

Towards a sustainable energy supply

WIND-projekt embraces the energy transition - green, dynamic, future-oriented. Our vision of green energy for everyone and for all areas of life is being realised through innovation in all our activities. We integrate new ideas, processes and technologies and combine them with tried and tested structures.

Ambitious goals require ambitious actions.
We are ready.

Our motivation: The combination of experience and innovation

WIND project as a partner for the energy transition

We strongly believe that the energy transition is our path to a better, greener future. For this, we combine our knowledge and experience with the immense potential that a green energy economy brings. We promote progress for a holistic supply of sustainable, green energy - from energy generation to energy storage, transformation and transport to the diversified use of different forms of energy. By coupling the electricity, heat and mobility sectors, we provide the necessary reliability while at the same time ensuring flexibility in the energy supply.

Germany's first offshore wind turbine "WEA Breitling" near Rostock



in the expansion of renewable energies. We utilise the power of the wind and the sun not only on land. The potential on the water is equally enormous and is being promoted in various projects. WIND-projekt planned and operated Germany's first offshore wind energy turbine.


Energy sources

to maintain the long-term reliability of supply with green energy. Thanks to modern PtX technologies, wind and solar energy can be provided independently of time and place - e.g. in the form of hydrogen. The first wind-hydrogen plant in M-V has been in Grapzow since 2013.

Hydrogen electrolysers of the energy storage system in Grapzow
Stakeholders in the Green Municipality Wittenhagen



from municipalities, businesses and research. We create opportunities for the exchange of ideas and joint growth. With combined know-how, we realise dynamic projects for holistic supply models. WIND-projekt guides the municipality of Wittenhagen on its way to becoming a green community.



for the efficient and safe operation of renewable energy plants. Along with the current developments of plant and system elements, we use additional apparatus to protect the environment. The Papenhagen-Ost wind farm is one of the first wind farms in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to remain dark at night thanks to transponder-based on-demand night signalling.

Wind turbines with demand-based night signaling systems in the wind farm Papenhagen
Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania's highest wind turbine in the wind farm Santow during rotor blade assembly


Peak performances

as we do not rest on past bests. We set new standards with the use of innovative solutions - be it conceptual, technological or system-related. But above all: with our team. In January 2022, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's currently highest wind turbine went into operation.



to promote green mobility in the region. We facilitate the establishment of electric and hydrogen charging points and also rely on green drives in our own fleet. WIND-projekt initiated the first hydrogen filling station in Rostock.

Hydrogen filling station in Rostock Brinckmansdorf and a hydrogen car
Research on the wind turbines in the wind farm Hof Tatschow


Research approaches

to exploit the potential of renewable energies along the entire value chain and to further improve what has been tried and tested. As a research partner, we are paving the way to a greener future. In cooperation with the IWEN Energy Institute, we are investigating wind profiles at high altitudes.



for a nature-friendly and environmentally safe expansion of renewable energies. We implement a variety of measures to protect and strengthen biodiversity and habitats.
The permanent grassland at the Dummerstorf wind farm provides a habitat for birds, insects and small mammals.

permanent grassland at the wind farm Dummerstorf for the protection of wildlife and plants
combination of wind energy, solar energy and energy storage



and think outside the box. Our goal is to unite ideas from different disciplines and move towards the future together. What seemed impossible before is now becoming reality. In the RH2-PTG project, a renewable energy power plant is to be realised that will support grid reconstruction in the event of a blackout.