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We promote the energy transition

Sustainability for the region

Through our projects and renewable energy plants from Northwest Mecklenburg to Rügen, we at WIND-projekt always focus on the efficient, but above all environmentally friendly generation of green energy in the region. With our activities, we give the energy transition a boost and at the same time advocate for the interests of society as well as flora and fauna. For us, this is not a conflict, but the logical path to a green future. With the holistic nature of our projects, we identify sustainable solutions with added value for the region.

We develop sustainable projects for green energy in all
areas of life.

Versatile potentials of renewable energies

Living the energy transition together

We promote the green development of the region. Thereby, we cover a broad spectrum of projects and individual solutions. The focus of all our activities lies on the well-being of the community and the environment.

Wind turbines on the territory of the Green Municipality Wittenhagen

Green municipalities & business parks

Local renewable energies

We support municipalities and businesses in establishing a green energy supply. We analyse energy demands and potentials for both energy savings and self-supply. With our many years of experience, we support the development of individual energy solutions tailored to local needs.

Green involvement

Added value for citizens and municipalities

Through our energy projects, we are committed to ensuring that citizens and municipalities benefit directly from the expansion of renewable energies. We are driving the energy transition forward in close dialogue with communities.

Mother and daughter look in the direction of a wind farm in the background
Flower meadow as part of the nature conservation area near the wind farm Dummerstorf

Nature & wildlife protection

Hand in hand with renewable energies

The establishment of renewable energies is active environmental protection. By using green energy, we protect flora and fauna from the effects of climate change in the long term. In our projects, we also implement local nature conservation measures and actively support regional environmental projects.

Green quarters

For a sustainable lifestyle

By developing green neighbourhoods, we address important drivers of climate protection: the sustainable use of climate-friendly building materials and the efficient generation and use of renewable energies for electricity, heat and mobility.

Green quarter built from sustainable building materials, supplied with green energy and surrounded by nature
Hydrogen car with the lettering "Our drive: hydrogen from wind power".

Green Mobility

Carbon-free along the way

There is great potential for saving greenhouse gas emissions in the mobility sector. Whether electric or hydrogen mobility: we support the expansion of the required infrastructure in our country and also set a green example ourselves.

Social commitment

From here - for the region

As a sustainable business, we are aware of our responsibility for the region. We enthusiastically support associations, initiatives and events in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Field of cyclists of the Hansetour Sonnenschein