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The power of the wind drives us

Since our foundation in 1994, we have been setting an example for wind energy in northern Germany. Thanks to individual solutions, we combine climate-friendly energy supply with environmental protection. We plan, realise and manage onshore wind energy plants. Whether it's a single turbine or a wind farm, new planning or a repowering project - our team offers holistic services for your project. In over 25 years, we have successfully implemented numerous projects with municipalities, operating companies, public utilities and large energy suppliers. With demand-oriented concepts and comprehensive support, we ensure optimal operation of the wind turbines under constantly changing technical and regulatory framework conditions.

From the initial idea to the rotating wind turbine

These are our services

Blade assembly at the wind turbine WEA1 in Santow

Sustainable planning & construction management of wind turbines

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Dismantling & transport of old wind turbines at the Neu Guthendorf wind farm

Repowering of old wind turbines with modern, high-performance wind turbines

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Employees of the Operational Management on the nacelle at the Neu Guthendorf wind farm

Manufacturer-independent management of wind turbines

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Sustainable planning & construction management

A successful wind energy project requires holistic project development. Therefore, we examine sites for their suitability for wind energy and compliance with nature conservation and environmental regulations. We closely coordinate wind turbine projects with manufacturers, landowners and municipalities.

To transform the idea into reality, we guide the project from the preparation of the application to the successful granting of the permit. We take on planning and coordinating functions in the construction phase and accompany the project through to the operation of the completed wind turbine. Alongside this, we create compensatory and replacement measures to strengthen species and habitats.

Wind turbines at the Neu Guthendorf wind farm
Repowering of old turbines at the Neu Guthendorf wind farm

Repowering of old wind turbines

Replacing older existing turbines with modern, more efficient new turbines adds considerable value to the expansion of wind energy. We therefore examine potential sites to determine their repowering potential and nature conservation criteria. In close cooperation with the owners and operating companies of existing wind farms, we coordinate the dismantling, sale and recycling of the old turbines. As part of the new planning process, we also take over all steps of the plant, approval and construction planning up to the commissioning of the new wind turbines.

Operational management

We monitor wind farms and single turbines from commissioning to the end of their operational life. Our team ensures the proper operation of wind turbines and infrastructure using 24/7 online monitoring and regular on-site inspections. In the event of a malfunction, we coordinate external service missions and, if necessary, assist in the claims handling process.

We ensure the continuous optimisation of turbine operation. We ensure that regulatory requirements and reporting obligations are met and that technical solutions and commercial processes are coordinated. We address issues such as third-party quantity definition and grid management. Based on yield and plant data, we prepare comprehensive analyses and reports for operators and shareholder meetings.

Operations management staff on top of the nacelle at the Neu Guthendorf wind farm

With our partners, we cover these additional services:


  • Financing new projects and ongoing optimisation as well as securing follow-up financing
  • Identifying suitable solutions for electricity distribution, also for wind turbines at the end of the subsidy period
  • Comprehensive liquidity and cost controlling
  • Settling electricity revenues, "Redispatch 2.0" assignments, land leases, etc.
  • Reporting to banks and investors